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2015-Aug-1 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 72
I was up at 5.00 am but somehow, after loading all the tools in to the utility, I did not get out to site until 7.00 am.

I must break this bad habit of buying the papers first and taking a coffee break before getting in to work.

I finally started at 8.00 am.

However, it was very cold.

I had to wear two layers of track suit pants, two pullovers and two jackets over the top - otherwise the wind cut straight through me.

It was overcast most of the day with a half hour burst of sunshine at one point - but no rain.

Today I intended sealing down the front edge of the temporary roof. I achieved that but none of the other sundry tasks I had hoped to tackle.

The first step was to make up small patches and tek screw them in to place along with copious quantities of sealant.

After this, more large quantities of sealant at the overlap of the larger sheets and then lots of tek screwing.

Then I cut some triangular shapes out of corrugated iron to cover the face of the front wedge of the roof.

This all looked rather untidy so I finally applied some edge capping to hide all the imperfections.

After this I measured up the glulams I have in storage - I need to check with the structural engineer if these can be used for the front ridge beam of the loft.

Also I measured up along the front wall for a PFC 150 I will fabricate and install soon.

I had hoped to apply some bitumen but the roof was too wet for this.

I also hoped to improve the water sealing along the very back wall - but again I ran out of time.

Next weekend I might just stay home to prepare the PFC for welding (lots of clean up, cutting, grinding).

Alternatively I might spend a real "odds and sods" day out on site to cleanup and complete a number of outstanding small jobs.

Patches and sealing along the front sheet

Front faced and capping installed

Front glulam - RHS

Front glulam - LHS

Back glulam