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2015-Jun-20 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 66
This was a very non physical weekend.

I really have a lot of design work to do on the front wall.

The measurements we took of the door were lacking in a few area so I needed to spend about an hour on site checking out a few aspects.

Back home I drew up plans to modify the door frame to fit in to the 2.7 metre walls and to also hold the stained glass fan light I bought many years ago.

I also drafted up a plan for the bay windows and calculated the position of the door frame and intersecting walls.

Over the bay windows I have ended up needing to span a distance of 3.1 metres.

I planned to span the entire front wall with a PCF 150 beam but was unsure if it could cover the 3.1 metres.

On Monday I popped around to Dave Levall for a bit of structural engineering advice.

Now I am ready to purchase my H3 pine and make a start next weekend.

On Wednesday I ordered my timber from Midland Timber, picked the majority of it up two hours later and some LVLs on Friday.

Modified door frame - front elevation

Side elevation

Position of door frame relative to hallway walls

Detailed bay window plan