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2015-Jun-13 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 65
Today is the day to erect the last two frames of the hallway.

I was up at 4.00 am and out on site by 6.00 am.

I had to strip the temporary roof off and move the frames in to approximate position.

Ross, Jim and Sandy were not home so I called Linda (who was bringing Ryan) and asked neighbour Ian if he could help as well.

Just as the 4 of us were about to raise the frames Jim and Sandy drove by on their way home and stopped to help as well.

With 6 of us we had the frames standing up in minutes.

I then spent the rest of the day fixing them off to the other frames with dove nailing.

I also managed to bolt them down at both ends and install some diagonal braces.

It was a slow process as the bolt ends were difficult to get to down in the void area - what with the water tank and the amount of junk stored there.

It also took quite a while to check and double check the alignment of the hallway and achieve a reasonable fudge on any errors.


I would dearly loved to have the day off but with storms approaching mid week I really needed to get the temporary roof back on.

Before I could start on this I needed to install a further 5 bolts in each frame.

This was hard dirty work as I needed to lie on top of the water tank in order to screw on the nuts from below.

I had to climb up a ladder, slide on to my stomach, rotate my body parallel to the floor joists, get between the joists, roll over on my back, rotate to right angles to the joists and pull myself in to position under each bolt I had inserted from above.

I was filthy by the time I finished.

This took me up to mid day.

I then reinstalled the temporary beams that carry the central sheets of corrugated iron.

Before the frames went in, these beams were flopping around on their own little legs. Once the frames were there I could nail them off to these.

At this point Linda turned up with take away coffee and naughty pastries - a very welcome break.

After half an hour I was back on the roof beavering away.

Later I discovered that Linda had been cleaning away underneath for me - very much appreciated.

By night fall I had managed to reinstall 4 out of the 5 roof sheets.

This included fitting the smaller sheets around the studs of the new frames.

I tried rigging up a flood light so that I could continue working in the dark but I found it impossible to mark up the cuts accurately. I packed up and went home.

I still need to cut in the last sheet and then apply copious quantities of sealant at all the joints.

After this I am hoping that all the leaks will be pretty minimal.


I had some urgent client work to do on Monday.

However, with the prospect of rain and storms arriving on Wednesday I had no choice but to spend Tuesday replacing the temporary roof.

I was up at 5.00 am and ready to leave at 6.00 am.

However, I discovered a problem with one of my clients' databases and this delayed my leaving until 8:30 am.

As a consequence I finished off the roofing work in the dark of the evening.

When I finally managed to arrive on site I still needed to install one more set of sheeting plus the curved pieces at the very front.

By now it was midday.

During the next 5 hours I inserted sealant between the various layers of corrugated iron and made up patches wherever the gaps were too large to span with sealant only.

This was a pretty hard slog, down on my hands and knees armed with a sealant gun, a torque gun, a nibbler and various scrap pieces of sheeting.

I will not feel complely secure with this roof until I have had a chance to blow all rubbish away with a petrol blower and then apply thick coatings of bitumen.

That will have to wait for a warm dry spell after the imminent wet weather.

Last hallway frames at end of Saturday

Bolted down

Rough replacement of temporary roof

Fully sealed at the end of the day

Typical gap before patching

After patching