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2015-Jun-6 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 64
I was too busy working for clients this week to make any progress on the second frame.

I intended to get up early Saturday morning and get right in to it.

However, on Friday, I noticed an advertisement on Gumtree for C100 purlins.

I need a fair old quantity of these to go under the wet areas in the loft where the floor needs to be set down.

A quick search shows these going for between $8 and $12 per metre retail.

These were $4 per metre.

Previously I have let opportunities like this slip through my fingers - so this time I jumped on it.

First thing Saturday morning I was at a site in Maida Vale (ex garden nursery closed down and sub divided)

The lengths were 11.4 metres long which I cut to 2 x 4.3 + 1 x 2.8 metres.

I took 12 lengths in all and stacked the cut off pieces across the cabin of the utility.

I will tek screw the pieces back to back at 400 mm centres when I install them.

The second half of the day went on starting the second frame.

So far I have accurately set up the plates and nailed in 4 main studs.

Another 4 simple studs to do on Sunday plus all the tricky work around the door.


First thing, I installed the last 4 easy studs in to the frame.

Then at 10.00 am we went to visit the house that a friend of Linda's had built.

It is twice the footprint of mine, but only two levels and they built it in 11 months while living in a shed.

They did have the whole family involved and worked on it almost full time - but I am very impressed with how quickly they put it up.

I felt very tired and discouraged just looking at all the work they had done.

Then back home. I set up the temporary spine to get the nogging spacings correct and clamped off each frame at its nogging position.

Linda and I popped out for a quick coffee and a little bit of food shopping.

Back home, I cut and installed all the nogging - I achieved a good accuracy this time - accurate to 1 mm and not pushing the centre line of the frame out of measurement.

Monday through Wednesday

During breaks from work I installed all the complicated studs around the door, the door lintel, the short overhead studs and the strapping

C100 purlins purchased from ex nursery

Start of the second frame

By the end of Sunday - noggings installed

By Wednesday - all complete