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2015-May-30 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 63
Working from home again today.

I trenched the second pair of plates and finished off the painting

The rest of the day went on laying out the plates and installing the first 7 studs.

I don't know where the day went.

Around the door and the stud intersection looks quite complicated so I will tackle these tomorrow when I am fresh.

I have vague hopes of completing two, almost identical, frames over the long weekend.


It took me all of the day to install the noggings and the complicated studs around the door.

This included the lintel support studs and the lintel itself.

I took a bit of time off in the early afternoon to have a coffee with Linda at Dome.

Monday (public holiday)

The first few hours of the morning I installed the short studs running from the top plate to the top of the lintel.

I realised that I had no chance of finishing a second stud today so we decided to go to Fremantle and enjoy some fish and chips while looking out to sea.

When we returned home I installed the bracing.

I needed Linda's help, holding a torch, to finish this off as darkness closed in much sooner than I expected.

Perhaps I can build the second stud frame during the week and install both of them next weekend..

Probably an unrealistic hope :-(

Finished frame (without bracing)