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2015-May-9 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 60
Nick and "Fili" helped tremendously again today.

Nick mowed the back lawn, the vegetation on the other side of the creek and planted some trees along the creek.

He then used the chainsaw on a dead wattle tree near the front of the property and loaded all the branches and twigs on to the utility.

"Fili"continued on with cleaning up the bambo thicket and putting the prunings through the mulcher.

She then continued on with the house frame painting.

Finally Nick finished off the last of the bamboo processing while "Fili" finished off the painting.

They then headed home and spent a couple of hours bringing firewood down to the house.

I worked on setting up the temporary roof for the last two hallway frames.

First I removed the curved pieces of corrugated iron from the very front of the roof.

There was a 100 mm lip at the front and I removed these pieces of jarrah using a socket set.

Next I marked up all the sheets of iron that I intended to remove.

I cut out and removed the insulation foil that was exposed.

I needed to spend an hour and a half taking measurements and marking up the alignment of the last hallway frames.

I also ran string lines so that I could trim back a couple of the sheets that had been left in situ.

One row of existing support frames needed relocating 200 mm away.

The rest of the day went on setting up two support rails so that the roof can be waterproofed quickly after installing the hallway frames.

I don't know where the time went - by the end of the day I had a large section of the roof exposed.

I will need to come back on Sunday to finish the job.


I had a slow start - arriving about 9.00 am.

I then worked all the way to dusk finishing off the roof sheeting.

For some reason this process is very time consuming and very tiring.

Nick cleaning up the wattle tree

"Fili" painting the house frame

My friendly, helpful neighbours Jim and Sandy

Hallway roof sheeting partly reworked