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2015-Apr-25 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 58
Every spare moment during the week I worked on creating the next hallway frame.

By Friday evening I was very close but not completely there.

Saturday morning I spent 3 hours finishing the bracing, loading the frame up for transport and loading up for a trip out to site.

I was out at Wooroloo by mid day.

My first job was to remove some more plaster board so that I could bolt through the floor joist that will be under the frame.

Then I moved my attention to stripping off the temporary roof where the next frame will be installed.

With the roof off I was able to mark up a template with the bolt positions on the steel column.

However, I ran out of time to transfer these on to the frame to drill the countersink holes.

I will have a lot of work to do on Sunday but hopefully I have prepared as fully as possible.


The first job was to transfer the bolt positions from the template on to the frame and bore out holes to accept the bolt heads.

I was ready to start installing the frame.

At 7.30 on a Sunday morning the neighbourhood looked very quiet.

I decided not to disturb Ross, Sandy or Jim and erect the frame on my own.

I hung a chain block off the pantry frames and used the winch up trolley and sheet lifter at the other end of the frame.

After 3 hours I had the frame standing up vertically but well away from its final position.

I then used the chain block to pull it down the hallway to its final resting place.

By the time I had mated the frame with the bolts on the steel column another 3 hours had passed.

It was getting rather glarey and hot up on the temporary roof so I decided to have a rest for an hour.

At 4.00 pm I emerged and started bolting the frame down to the underlying floor joist.

By the time I was finished it was 7.00 pm and I was working by torch light.


(public holdiday)

Today was intended to be the day that I reinstalled the temporary roof.

However, I needed to catch up with fixing the transverse frames on to the hall frames.

There were 3 junctions that needed to be skew nailed off at the intersections.

This took 3 hours plus I had a number of visitors.

I reinstalled the temporary roof bearers and the main hallway middle sheets - this all went relatively quickly.

By 3 pm I was ready to start custom fitting the sheet metal around the studs.

At this point my nibbler blew up throwing the whole day's plans in to disarray.

I rang around for a replacement and found I had to travel all the way to Bunnings Malaga.

The rest of the day went on packing up and making the trip.

I had been prepared to work late, by floodlight if necessary, to finish off the job but this meant that I would have to take Tuesday off work to make the house waterproof again (rain forecast for Thursday).


I was out on site by about 8:30 am.

This job took all day (up to 4.00 pm).

First I took the original short sheets and fitted them individually to pass around each stud.

Then I cut out a couple of patches in order to span any of the larger gaps.

After that I backed off all the screws so that I could insert a liberal does of a sealant from tubes in attempt to block all the leaks.

I ran out of sealant but had just enough to finish off the uphill side of the hallway and the essentials of the downhill side.

I will give it a few days and then hit all the joints with a liberal dose of bitumen.

Frame finished Saturday morning

Lifting the frame in to its first position

Winching the frame down the hallway

Fixed to the steel column

Ready to start fitting around the studs

Nibbler self destructs

Everythings sealed up

The site at the end of the day