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2015-Apr-18 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 57
During the week, whenever I had a chance I worked on milling the 17 candidates for studs.

I was finished by Friday night.

I organised for Tony M to visit on Saturday morning and grade these pieces.

9 were usable as studs with 2 more being usable as studs when paired up with another stud.

We also went through all the timber milled so far and pulled out any karri.

At the end of the day I took all the karri pieces out to site to get them out of my work area at home.


I sorted all the remaining jarrah by length, measured and marked them up with their dimensions and started stacking them back in storage.

I then spent quite a few hours calculating and measuring up the top and bottom plates ready for trenching.

I also commenced painting the 9 good studs.

Hopefully by the end of Monday I should be able to complete all these chores during breaks from my clients work.

From Tuesday onwards I hope to be able to build the next hallway frame and install it over the Anzac long weekend.

I have now used up all my usable jarrah supplies so soon I will be spending up big at Midland timber purchasing enough to complete the street level and the loft area.

Short lengths sorted, measured, marked up

Painting the studs