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2015-Apr-11 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 56
This was a timber milling weekend.

Saturday morning I visited Midland Timber to buy two more 4.2 m x 90 x 45 H3 pine lengths for the top and bottom plates of the next frame.

After this I headed out to site to see how bad the leaks are through the temporary roof (I cannot seal the roof really well until I have inserted the next frame).

It doesn't look too bad - the tarpaulin I placed earlier in the week is preventing most of the drips.

Back home I installed new cutter blades in the thicknesser and sharpened one of the other sets (getting quite good at this I think).

I then started working on planing the first two surfaces of 17 lengths of timber I had brought home last weekend. I also had to put in about 3 hours work to keep abreast of work for a client of mine.


I put in another 6 hours work for my client while planing the two surfaces during breaks.

I am also getting a bit low on short lengths for noggings so I also processed all the off cuts I had accumulated.

First two sides of stud pieces planed

Short lengths (for noggings) planed