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2020-Apr-18 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #26
Time to install the first four infills.

It all went perfectly and worked out exactly as I planned..

The only problem was that it all took so long.

I tried to get myself up at 5.00 am, rolled over, turned off the alarm and eventually arose at 6.00 am.

Fortunately I had loaded everything on to the utility the day before - and there was a lot to take. Not only the infills themselves but all the fixings as well.

Overnight these had been piled up on the driver's seat but for the journey out to site they ended up in the well of the utility.

The first job on site was to relocate the TV antenna as this is conflicting with the installation.

Instead of confronting this job head on I did a bit of a cheat and merely modified the lower bracket to get it out of the way - just as well in a way as the real job ran way over time.

Next, I had noticed that one section of the floor was a little bit off plumb - I spent about 20 minutes with the belt sander grading this down by a couple of millimetres.

Then on to construction.

Everything worked out according to my measurements - the only thing was it was a lot of hard work marking a drilling all the mounting holes.

Once this was done for each infill it was actually quite good fun inserting the bolts, winding on the nuts and screwing in the top and bottom brackets.

I ended up working by flood light up to 8.00 pm to get the job finished.

I was too tired to pack up properly so I just brought all the expensive power tools down and left all the countless boxes of bolts, tension washers and square washers lying around.

I stayed overnight but was unprepared for this.

I used to have a quite luxurious fold up matress with pillow available to me on site.

This time all I had was the rather thin padding from a camping recliner and no real pillow.

Fortunately I still had a doona and cover sheets so it wasn't total barbarism.

I never sleep very well on site - probably I achieved about 3 hours and eventually I gave up and got up at 4.30 am.

There was plenty to do - breakfast (left overs from yesterday), coffee (always make sure I never run out of pods) and plenty of cleaning up work.

There was no real daylight until 7.00 am and it was raining.

Being Sunday - building activity is not meant to start until 9.00 am.

I crept around quietly rounding up all the loose fixings and tools from the previous day.

One noisy job I could do at this point was to reduce the length of some temporary flashing to fit between the newly installed infills.

I brought these downstairs, one by one, closed the roller doors and cut these using my power shears.

When 9.00 am finally rolled around I vacuumed up the last of the sawdust and iron filings, straightened up some of the square washers using a mandril and hammer, brought down the last of the tools and buttoned up the site with the builder's plastic and tarpaulins.

Then back home to fall asleep in front of television for a few hours.

Next job is to build the two small 450 mm stud frames for either end.

Admiring some previous handiwork

Brackets worked out perfectly

Progress by the end of the day