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2015-Mar-28 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 54
It's just as well that I did not attempt to install the stud frame today.

I needed to cut the excess metal off from the overhead beams.

(If I left it in place I would need to rebate the top plate extensively and it is already a very complicated assembly)

I anticipated that this would take about half an hour and then I could get back home, or perform some other chores out on site.

However, when I attempted to wield the 9 inch angle grinder atop a ladder I realised that this was very unsafe without a scaffold to work from.

I needed to dismantle a scaffold from down below, drag it up on top, and set it up again.

I did most of the work using a 5 inch angle grinder but there was still one step where the 9 inch was essential.

After removing the excess I realised that the assembly would lose some of its integrity unless I repeated some of the welds at the very end (it is two PFC 150s welded back to back).

I spent about an hour grinding out valleys and then welding them.

After that I needed to clean up the welded surfaces and apply primer.

By now I had hauled many different tools up on to the roof and I needed to use a wheelbarrow to take everything down again.

I had a half hour break and was just about to start loading timber on to the back of the utility when Jim and Sandy dropped in for a visit.

By the time I had loaded 12 good candidates it was 5.00 pm.

I had dinner and a shower and headed home.

I anticipate installing the stud frame on Easter Good Friday.

The beams after trimming

The off cuts

Finished stud frame ready to install