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2015-Mar-14 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 52
Exactly a year since I started the stud framing.

Working from home today I applied the flame test to check if any of the recently dressed timbers were Karri.

I found 8 that were very definitely jarrah and 4 that could be jarrah or karri (looks like jarrah - tests as Karri, looks like karri - tests as jarrah).

I rang Tony M and made an appointment with him for Sunday morning to receive some more training on using the flame test.

I spent most of the rest of the day measuring out and marking up the top and bottom plates for the frame.

This is a very complicated frame and I needed to take my time.

Around about 4.00 pm I visited Wooroloo to check how well the patched temporary roof is performing.

As I suspected - there is one area I cannot seal down yet that is leaking moderately.

I will need to pull out some wet insulation in the next few days and in the slightly longer term strip out some damaged gyprock.

I placed a number of buckets strategically. Overall - it's about as good as I could expect.


I visited Tony M at 10.30 and he gave me some more training in telling jarrah from karri.

He also repeated the flame test for me - it is quite a subtle test for such matured timber.

It turned out that two of the suspect lengths were karri.

Also, one very long straight length turned out to be jarrah.

I returned home and stacked the timbers in a variety of places according to their grading.

I started coating 8 good stud pieces with my mistint exterior paint.

While this was drying I trenched out the top and bottom plates for the frame.

Cleaning up after machining H3 pine always takes me a long time and it was 6.00 pm by the time I finished.

During the week I will attempt to paint all the components of the next frame and begin construction.

Plates marked up and trenched

Painting the newly dressed timbers