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2015-Feb-28 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 50
Pretty much a repeat of last week.

I still did not get to weld the bolts on to the columns but at least I removed the pile of leaves I generated last week.

I also managed to apply bituminous paint over the majority of the joins.

I continued on reworking the strip of temporary roof that will form the hallway.

Enough is now completed that I can install the first two hallway frames and still seal up the roof relatively quickly.

Monday is a public holiday in Western Australia so I will attempt to do the bolt welding and take a few critical measurements.

Then it will be back to gauging down raw 4 x 2 jarrah timber and creating the frames.


I reached site relatively late (8:30 am) .

Quite a nice day - I had three sets of visitors :-) Heartwarming to have people just drop in.

It took me all day to weld 5 bolts on to each column.

The concept of the easily removeable central sheets worked well - probably half an hour in all to lift and replace the sheets around the columns.

Preparing the hallway

Bolts welded to the two centre columns