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2015-Feb-21 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 49
I went out to site with a fairly loose plan of what I would do.

I needed to weld 10 high tensile bolts on to the central steel columns to attach to the hallway frames when I install them.

To do this I needed to remove the sheeting around these columns and while I was at it I decided to organise this properly.

These columns were the first penetrations through the temporary roof and my first attempt at sealing for leaks.

I was very unsuccessful but I believe I have learned more by now.

I have just completed the very tiring and panicky resealing of the roof after inserting the transverse frames.

From this I have decided that it make sense to have all the sealing in place before the frames are inserted.

Towards this end I am reworking the roofing over the hallway area.

This means that as the hallway frames are inserted, the sheets can be easily lifted without interfering with previous sealing work (ie not ripping out silastic).

The detailed notching work can be achieved by cutting out from some relatively small additional sheets which can also be easily removed and replaced.

To achieve this I have bolted in some 4 x 2 carrier beams that temporarily attach to the transverse frames via a spacer.

Once the hallway frames are inserted these beams will bolt directly to these frames.

The majority of the hallway is covered by sheets that fit exactly over these carrier beams.

The gaps are taken up by small sheets that so far only have one or two notches to fit around the transverse frames.

As I install each frame - I will only need to quickly lift the main sheets and then notch the smaller sheets to fit around the studs.

I probably need another two working days to complete this work

In other words, it is not any quicker than any other method.

However, it will save me the panic of having to reseal a large floor area after spending all day installing frames.