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2015-Jan-31 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 46
A rather disappointing day.

I had hoped to finish off reinstalling the temporary roof and then have the following week off.

However, the whole day went on the very fiddly, detailed work of sealing up around every stud of the stair well frames only.

I have not even started to replace the roof in the pantry area.

I'm a bit over this at the moment.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Because the reestablishment of the temporary roof seems like such an overwhelming job I have been make short visits before or after work each day and doing an hour or two of work each time.

This is not very efficient as there is almost an hour of travelling involved in the round trip - but at least its edges the project on a little bit each time.

So far I have been out to site Wed AM, Thurs PM and Fri AM

Fiddly sealing work partly done on one frame

Rebuilding temporary roof in pantry area