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2015-Jan-24 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 45
I was aiming to install all four stud frames over the Australia Day long weekend.

The fourth frame I completed over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and delivered to site on Friday morning.

For Saturday I was hoping to have some help from a friend's son - Jason.

I had not heard by Friday night if he was available so I went in to Saturday assuming I was working on my own.


I started stripping off a fairly large area of the temporary roof.

Around about 10.00 am Jason turned up which was a relief.

He put in a really big effort and I would not have made nearly as much progress if he had not been there.

After stripping back over the stair well, my first job was to trim a little bit off the floor boards either side so that the gyprocking would be flush when the stairwell was eventually lined.

I placed a steel straight edge in position held in place by nails and ran a power saw along it.

I then used a "renovator" to break through the last millimetre of floorboard as well as a 80 mm stretch at each end that the power saw could not reach.

This then gave me good reference edges to line two of the frames along.

Meanwhile Jason stripped back the temporary roof on the other side where the pantry walls will be positioned.

Together we lifted up the two frames for the stair well and clamped them in place.

I fiddled around with the alignment for a while and then skew nailed them to the perimeter wall.

Jason and I then worked together to bolt through to the floor joists below.

We finished at 7.30 pm when Linda came to pick up Jason.

I decided I needed to stay on site overnight as the ceiling had large unsecured cavities.

Before I could eat any dinner or prepare for sleep I had to spend an hour vacuuming up all the saw dust that had fallen in to the kitchen area.

I did not sleep very well that night - spider webs and pine needles kept falling on my face.


I knew that Jim and Sandiy would help me lift the two pantry walls around about 10.00 am.

I spent the time up until then reinstalling the temporary roof over the stair well.

This involved some additional timbers and carpentry.

Jim and Sandy turned up on schedule and we clamped the last two frames in to approximate position.

I spent the rest of the day installing the roof sheeting over the stair well.

This was very fiddly, time consuming work involving a lot of cutting out of the sheeting to fit around the studs.

I just managed to secure the building by 7.30 pm and headed home.


I spent the entire day lining up and securing the two frames for the pantry.


I was becoming quite concerned about forecasts of thunderstorms and rain for the rest of the week.

Linda brought home a 9m x 9m tarpaulin on her way home through Midland and at 2.00 pm I headed out to site to erect a temporary covering over the exposed roof area.

Ian volunteered to assist and provided great guidance and effort to get the job done.

Never the less, we were not finished until 7.30 pm and found ourselves inserting various protective pieces of cardboard under the polyester by torch light.

We were both exhausted and I am very grateful to Ian for his help.


We had torrential thunderstorms and rain in Mundaring, but apparently only five spots of rain in Wooroloo.

Still - good to have the piece of mind and it will give me a protected environment to work in.

4 frames on site ready to install

Stairwell frames installed by end of Saturday

Temporary roof reinstalled over stairwell Sunday

Pantry walls

Site by end of Monday

Temporary protection from the rain