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2014-Nov-29 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 37
Out to site at 7.00 am. Returned home 7.30 pm.

Today was the day to erect the largest frame so far.

I spent an hour and a half preparing - removing the face sheeting and any other obstacles, preparing a brace and its roof bracket, removing the carpentry horse and dropping the frame on to the deck.

No one was home to help me lift the frame so I then set about doing this on my own.

I used a combination of a chain block on one side and the winch up trolley and sheet lifter on the other side, plus ropes at the base to stop the frame skidding out.

Two hours later, I had the frame almost installed - leaning slightly, just waiting to be moved sideways once the roof sheeting was cut out.

I was very pleased with myself - I had lifted a very heavy frame in to postion without damaging the frame or injuring myself in any way.

I had a half hour break at this point and then set about creating all the cut outs.

This involved marking up the sheeting using the frame in its tilted position, drilling pilot holes to allow the nibbler to be inserted and then cutting out the metal.

After this the frame could be moved in to its final position relatively easily.

There was a 20 mm bow in the bottom plate.

This took a bit of fixing - I had to brace one end using clamps and lengths of timber against the safety rail and the block and tackle in the middle to pull it in to position.

It was perfectly straight by the time I finished.

While the bottom plate was braced and tensioned I inserted 7 bolts down to the underlying deck.

Out of the 9 mini frames that I had previously fabricated, 6 could be fitted in place immediately and screwed off to the overlying roof sheeting.

The other 3 needed some rebates which I quickly cut in using a power saw.

I managed to reinstall the face sheeting while I still had ample daylight.

I have now completed all the peripheral stud framing at this level.

About the same amount again of internal wall framing is still needed.

Raising the frame in to approximate position

Moved in to final position after cutouts completed

Bolted to deck

Small end frames inserted

End face reinstalled

Periphery completed