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2020-Jan-18 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #13
Back to cleaning up the street level of the site today.

I removed the temporary front door, laid down a ramp, and loaded most of the materials on to the back of the utility to take down below. From there is was sorted and stored away.

We are talking mainly lengths of scrappy timber, small blocks of wood and sheet metal.

Other items went in to bins - either for scrap metal recycling at the transfer station or to go to general waste.

By the end of the process I ended up with four bins on the back of the utility - must visit the transfer station during a break from work on Monday.

Then a good going over with a petrol blower to remove all the accumulated leaves.

By then end of this the site was looking very tidy.

In the middle of all this I was visited by Jim and Sandy and cadged a cup of coffee at their place.

They also very kindly gave me some eggs from their chickens and some tomatoes from their garden.

I headed home around about 3.00 pm and had a break for an hour or so.

The next job was to sand back some epoxy repairs I had made to the timbers for the middle door frame.

These came up very well.

After this I carefully assembled and clamped the component pieces in to a complete door frame.

This is now awaiting nailing, the addition of some temporary purlins to enforce straight sides, gussets and bracing.

This will be followed by the rebating for the hinges.

Site after cleanup

Repairs to the new door frame