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2014-Nov-15 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 35
On the prior Wednesday I went to site early in the morning to drop off some scaffolding clamps I had recently purchased.

I had not visited for two weeks and I was horrified when I saw the height that the wild oats had grown to.

I came back again that afternoon, after work, and knocked down all the front tall grass with the brushcutter.

Back in July, James, a visiting Wwoofer had given the yard a very thorough mowing and this made my job much easier - I only had to cut down the clumps of wild oats.


I was out on site at the 7.00 am.

I fixed the most recent frame down to the deck using 4 bolts and rebated the temporary end frames to fit over the bolts.

I also completed the repair of the damaged stud on the previous frame by inserting an extra trimmer from the bottom up to the nogging.

I finished all this by 10.00 am.

After a break I spent another two hours knocking down all the wild oats in the back yard.

I returned home mid afternoon and started setting up for the last frame.

The first step was to mark out and rebate the top and bottom plates.

Next I placed the horses near the back door and squared them up.

I clamped on the plates and started to hand fit the studs at each rebate position.

This continued on during Sunday as well.

By Wednesday I had painted up all the components.

After knocking down all the tall grass

Frame bolted down, roof frames rebated

Extra trimmer to repair damaged stud

Kit for last frame prepared and painted