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2014-Nov-8 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 34
This was a work at home day today.

I finished off the planing step on the 15 lengths I was working on and then put them through the thicknesser.

One lesson I learned was that when I hear a loud Bzzzzp sound - it probably means I am hitting a nail and should really stop to take a look.

I have put three half moons in to a set of blades and had to change over to another set.

Probably going to take me 40 minutes to grind these nicks out of the blades.

On Sunday I took all the marginal / dodgy lengths around to Tony M and he graded them for me.

Statistics for 39 total lengths processed (including those used in the small pantry wall the other weeks):

20 usable as studs.

2 usable as lining returns (ie little structural intengrity - but ok to attach plaster board on return walls)

4 in sound condition but a little undersize - suitable to use on the edge of a frame where they are combined with another stud on the next frame.

4 so totally useless that they can only be used as temporary braces.

9 that can be cut up in to short studs or noggings

I will try to create a kit for the last 3.9 metre frame during the week but probably this will spill over in to next Saturday.