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2014-Nov-1 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 33
I had intended to go to site to bolt down the latest stud frame.

However, with Linda being in hospital for almost two weeks (she's back home, fine now) I had dropped a number of working days.

I felt I really needed to make some progress for one of my clients so I allocated Saturday to working on their project.

Sunday was spent preparing to mill another 30 pieces of stud frame.

I was down to 3 sets of planer blades all needing sharpening, one with a nick in it from hitting a nail.

I spent a few hours sharpening these on a wet stone grinder.

This is definitely an acquired skill but I am getting better each time and it is almost a pleasure to sharpen them now.

There is a real benefit in being able to change over blades when the become even paritally blunt and then touch them up quickly on the grind stone.

Each working day I manage to perform the planer step on about 6 lengths during work breaks.

I am hoping by next Saturday to have all the finished milled studs to build the two last frames on Ross's side of the house.

PS - the bruising on my thumb is taking forever to grow out.

Blades after sharpening - still not perfect

Partially milled timber

My poor old thumb