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2014-Oct-18 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 31
On Thursday I dropped in to Vinsans on the way through and bought 4 lengths of PFC 150.

These will go between the inner and outer beams of the front veranda to give more support to the bay windows.

A fair way in to the future but they were a reasonable price ($15 per metre) so I snapped them up.


This meant that a lot of the day went to picking these up and taking them out to site.

In addition I stopped in a Bunnings Midlad, bought a 3.6 metre length of H3 pine 90 x 45 and had it cut in half - to use as the top and bottom plates for the 1.4 m pantry external wall.


First off I needed to sharpen up a set of thicknesser blades.

Once installed these worked beautifully and I used them to process 11 lengths of the recently denailed lengths.

This took me all day and I achieved the usual disappointing yield of good stud pieces - 2 definitely of good quality and another 4 that might pass Tony M's inspection.


I marked up the top and bottom plates for trenching.


I trenched the plates, set up the horses and hand fitted each of the stud frames.


I painted all the jarrah components with my bargain mistint exterior paint.


During breaks from programming I managed to assemble the frame, insert the noggings and attach the strapping.

Completed panel for pantry external wall