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2014-Oct-11 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 30
Out on site at 6.45 am, left 6.00 pm

A bit of a consolidation day today.

It was a good thing that I did not attempt the bolting down last week.

It took me quite a few hours - partly because there was a small bow in the bottom plate and I needed to use the chain block to pull it out as I progressively bolted down across the length.

It was pefectly straight to the millimetre by the time I finished.

What was more time consuming was having to go back through the rough temporary roof frames on the edge and rebate out the gaps so that they fitted over the nuts used to secure the frame to the deck.

Linda arrived at 9.45 bringing with her very welcome supplies of crossiants and take away coffee.

After a pause to consume these I completed reinstalling the frames at the edge and then we both went on to give the frames a thorough coating a exterior paint to preserve the jarrah studs.

I loaded a number 4 x 2 timbers on to the utility to take home for denailing and gauging - to produce the next stud frame.

Linda also went through all my ropes, untangled them, trimmed off the unravelled portions, resealed the ends with a flame and coiled them up neatly.

I reattached the edge sheeting and applied bituminous paint around all the roofing joints at the studs.

After lunch Linda headed home and I stayed on to do all sorts of tidying up and stacking.

Stud frame bolted to deck

Frame painted, edge reattached, bituminous paint