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2014-Oct-4 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 29
Worked 7.00 am to 6.30 pm.

Today's objective was to finish the last few details on the frame I started assembling on Friday, install it and make the roof waterproof again.

I knew that I would be hard pressed to do everything in one day.

Rain was forecast for Sunday and I did not want to be reinstalling the roof in the rain on Sunday morning.

I hit upon the plan of eliminating the bolting down step for this Saturday and concentrating on "making good" so that I could knock off on Saturday evening without any overhanging urgent jobs.

The idea is to nail the new frame off to the previous one and to use a diagonal brace on the other end.

This leaves the frame stable enough to wait until the following weekend when I can bolt down at my leisure.

As I mentioned in my previous post, after Friday's construction I still needed to nail off the short studs above the header and to add the bracing straps.

I arrived on site at 7.00 am and managed to have this finished by 9.00 am.

By 10.00 am I had the roof stripped back and was ready to lift the frame in to position.

I have been spoiled the last few weeks - I have had the neighbours to help me do the lifting.

Alas, today, everyone was out - so I had to do it on my own.

I used the chain block at the end with the existing frame and the sheet lifter at the other end.

By 11.30 I had it in place and clamped off but not without some dramas.

When I first started hoisting it with the chain block the frame made an unexpected movement that popped off the outermost stud.

In the process it broke out a section of the timber at the top of the stud so now there is not enough "meat" to nail the top plate on to it with absolute security.

It had enough integrity to allow me to install the frame but once it is nailed off to the next frame I will install an additional stud at this end to make it really strong again.

After a break for lunch I nailed the new frame off to the existing frame and installed a diagonal brace at the new end.

Reinstalling the roof sheeting, complete with cutouts around the studs, took me up to 3.30 pm.

I spent the rest of the day knocking up some very rough small roofing frames to fit between the studs so that I could fasten the sheeting down at the outer edge.

This also allowed me to refasten the edge sheeting.

After this I ran around all the roof sheeting to stud gaps with some silastic to make the temporary roof reasonably waterproof again.

I had one minor accident as I was maneouvering a roofing frame in to position.

I had taken my leather gloves off for just a moment and the frame fell on my thumb squashing it against a bracing strap edge on.

It was not a large force, but the fact that it was a 1 mm edge really applied a large pressure to my thumbnail.

It throbbed all Saturday night and kept me awake.

This morning half my thumb nail is purple and black and my thumb has swelled up by 20% - I won't be making that mistake again.

Cross bracing installed

Frame erected

Roofing sheets refitted