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2014-Sep-20 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 27
Today was another cleanup day with major help from Remi.

He was a dynamo of energy and I could not get him to stop.

During the day he knocked over all the tall grass in every area with the brushcutter.

Then he mowed the same areas to tidy them up.

Some difficult areas he mowed several times.

He also raked the cuttings in to a compost heap.

A lot of the growth was very heavy going - so a major effort to get it under control.

Many thanks Remi !.

On these cleanup days I know I cannot peform any intricate stud building so instead I spent most of the day infilling the newly erected stud frame with some quick and rough framing in recycled pine so that I could attach the 600mm edge and the facing sheet.

I then applied sealant where the roof sheets were notched around the studs.

These will not be completely water proof and next week I will paint these seals with a bituminous product.

I also had two different visitors during the day so I guess some time went on that as well. We were home by 4.30 pm, had a beer and then unloaded the utility.

Tomorrow I will go back with the trailer to fetch the large carpentry horses back home.

Remi did a great job knocking down the long grass

Rough framing installed between the studs

Face sheeting also installed