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2014-Sep-13 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 26
I kept trying to get back to install the cross bracing during the week but pressure of work prevented me.

I arrived on site at 7.00 am and spent up to 9.30 applying the strapping.

Jim and Sandy popped around at this time to very kindly offer to help in the lifting but I was not ready.

I still needed to remove some roofing, install a piece of flashing across the threshold and also needed to drill countersinks and bolt holes where the corner column bolts through the first stud.

This all took me an hour and a half and then Jim, Sandy, Ross and myself stood the frame on edge and dragged it in to position.

This would have been an enormous job on my own.

Ross had to get back to his own work but Jim and Sandy joined me for a while down below in the kitchen and we had a coffee and a chat.

Probably I had the frame up by midday but it took me until 5.30 pm to carefully align and bolt it down.

There was a slight bow in the bottom plate which I managed to eliminate as I bolted it down but this was a time consuming process.

I ran out of time to reinstall the roof sheeting.


I still found time to have breakfast with Linda at Kinfolk and then I was out on site by 10.30 am.

I notched out the roofing sheets to fit around the studs and reinstalled the roof. Back home by 3.00 pm

Next Saturday I will quickly knock up some "mini frames" to fit between the stud of the frame and support the floating edge at 600 mm.

I will then be able to silastic around the notches and also reinstall the edge sheeting.

I will also have Wwwoofer, Remi, with me.

All the wild rye very much needs knocking down and I know from previous experience that I cannot make a lot of progress on intricate stud construction while this is going on.

The site as I left it at the end of last week

Cross bracing applied

Stud frame in place

Temporary roof reinstalled

Materials for making mini roof frames next week