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2021-Jan-23 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #10
Saturday was another lost day.

I had been on antibiotics for over a week for a very sore strep throat.

The antibiotics cleared up the infection but left me very tired so all I could achieve on Saturday was to drop off a set of primed doors.


Australia Day - I should have taken advantage of the day to study Razor Web Development.

However, I have failed to install the first weatherboard run for six weeks now - so I was determined to make a start.

The WeatherTex went on to the wall easily enough but several sets of protruding bolt heads were a problem.

I tried a number of solutions - grinding out the back of the plank, chiselling out a section of plank, and finally - cutting a section out of the plank completely.

I then started working on some small inserts to fill in the gaps as far as possible.

I found it difficult to fix these off and even broke my drill bit.

The fact that I still did not have very much energy and needed to rest frequently - did not help either.

At the end of the day I went home feeling frustrated that I had achieved so little in one day.

Progress by end of day