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2014-Aug-23 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 23
By Thursday night I had finished facing the first two sides of each stud timber on the jointer.

By the end of Friday I had thicknessed 9 of these.

During Saturday I completed the remaining 16.

You would think it was easy work just feeding timber in one end of machine and taking out the other - but there is constant bending, stooping, adjusting, lifting and placing involved and by the end of the process I had completed quite a work out.

I examined all 25 pieces and found 14 that were obviously a high grade (ie free enough of imperfections to be used as studs).

The other 11 I docked to approximate length, loaded them on my utility and took them around to Tony M for some expert assessment.

Of these he found 2 were suitable for studs, 2 were totally useless and suitable only for temporary bracing, 1 was suitable as a wall return lining attachment stud and the remainder needed to be cut up in to shorter lengths for short studs, noggings and firewood.

I returned home, sorted the timbers in to their appropriate pile and cut some up in to their various category parts.

So, out of the 36 timber pieces I examined last week:

11 were immediately cut up to be used as noggings, short studs and firewood.

Of the remaining 25 - 17 were suitable for studs, 2 for braces and 6 were cut up in to noggings, short studs and braces.

ie a success rate of just under 50% - pretty much what I have said before.

So far I have been working through the scrappy wood heap.

Soon I will be working through the timber stored inside at Wooroloo - perhaps I will have a higher success rate.

On Sunday I hope to clean up the 190 x 50 mm timbers on the thicknesser.

I will then glue and nail them to create a 190 x 90 header for the french doors.

Maybe during the week I can accurately cut and layout all the materials for the door frame and then the following Saturday assemble it on site.

Good lengths suitable for studs

Some ended up as firewood

Others ended up as short studs and noggings