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2014-Aug-16 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 22
I spent most of the weekend working from home, preparing materials for the next batch of stud frames.

First, I made a visit to my favourite salvage yard (on Military Rd Midland) to purchase some 190 x 50 jarrah to create the headers over the door and window sections I am about to build.

These timbers will be doubled up, glued and nailed together, on edge.

The door section will be 4.2 metres long so will need to be assembled on site.

The window section will be a bit less than 3 metres.

Next I paid a visit to Midland Timber Company and asked their price on H3 90 x 45 pine.

I told them I am building an entire house and need a reasonable quantity for top and bottom plates.

They gave me a discount that makes them cheaper than Bunnings - so I will give them a try.

The last length of pine I bought from Bunnnings had a bit of a bow in it - so I will be comparing the quality.

Back home I continued working my way through the last of the 100 x 50 timber stack.

I am now reasonably skilled at docking lengths of timber up in to studs, noggings and firewood.

I am reasonably confident in my "grading skills" now but I will still take any slightly dubious stud frame lengths (after milling) to Tony M for a final assessment.

During the week I have been carrying the docked timbers down to my work area.

I now have 25 lengths suitable for studs and many shorter lengths awaiting milling.

Sorting, tidying up, and setting up - all take time and it was not until 3.30 pm on Sunday that I was ready to start machining.

This involves running over each length of timber with a wire brush (hand and rotary on a grinder) before facing up the first two sides.

Hopefully I can work through the entire pile during the coming week and start assembling / laying out the stud frame next Saturday.

Timbers for door, window headers, plates

The racks are empty now

Candidates for studs

Shorter offcuts awaiting milling

Waste wood / firewood