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2014-Aug-9 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 21
Up at 5.00 am, out one site at 7.00 stopped at 6.00 pm.

Today was a "tidy up" day getting the site ready to install stud frames on Ross's side.

The first job was to weld 5 high tensile bolts on to the back column on that side.

This entailed some removal of the temporary roof and frames.

After the welding I decided to carry on and remove the bolting of all the 800 x 600 temporary roof frames.

Several years ago I installed these using threaded rod and bolts.

In most cases I could remove the top nuts and pull the frame off its rods leaving the thread projecting above the floor surface.

The problem with removing these rods is that the bottom nuts also need to be removed in order to recover the length of rod intact - ie I would have needed to work above and below - a very time consuming process.

I decided, for the cost of the threaded rod, I would be better off just cutting them off from above using a fine cutting disk.

Now with all these end frames unbolted I will be able to quickly remove them as I progressively install the stud frames down that side.

Next a tidy up of the diagonal braces holding the first stud wall in position - these were using a variety of small clamps.

They were becoming increasingly rusty so I replaced them with some coach screws.

After that I coated last week's new in fill joints with bituminous paint.

Then a tidy up of all the rubbish I threw over the side while installing the stud frame last week.

Finally I removed temporary ceiling panels along the gararge door wall as well as the corresponding insulation batts.

This will allow me to have access to bolt down the stud frames I am about to install.

High tensile bolts welded to back column

Roofing frames needing unbolting

Frames pulled off bolts

Bolts cut off with angle grinder

Frames reinstalled (screwed to sheeting above)

Facing reinstalled

Braces tidied up (angles and lengths)

Clamps replaced with coach screws

More bituminous paint

Stripping out gyprock panels and insulation