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2014-Aug-2 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing # 20
Up at 5.00 am, out on site at 6.30 and finished working at 6.00 pm.

First off, while waiting until 7.00 am to arrive (not polite to make a noise before 7.00 am) I untied the stud frame sitting on the trailer and carried in all my supplies.

By the time I removed the roof sheeting and temporary roof frames and manhandled the stud frame in to approximate position it was 9.00.

Ross turned up at this point and again helped me erect the frame in 5 seconds instead of 2 hours on my own. (must buy him a good bottle of bourbon soon).

Nailing off to the previous stud and bolting through the floor took me up to 2.00 pm.

Incredibly the rest of the day went on reinstalling the roof sheeting with cutouts around the studs and infilling the gaps - this took me up to 6.00 pm.

I had two different visitors during the day which was a pleasant surprise.

This is the last frame on Ian's side and the building site is now starting to show a sense of purpose.

I will be a few weeks before I start on Ross's side - I need to weld bolts to the back steel column, do a whole lot of thicknessing and possibly rebuild the working surface of my old Dewalt Radial Arm Saw (the one I use with the dado blade to trench the top and bottom plates).

I also need to visit Tony M and get some advice on how to build stud frames that include doors and wide windows.

I will slip back early in the week to paint up some of the seals with bituminous paint and to replace the clamps on the diagonal bracing with coach screws.

Last stud frame fastened off

Roof sheeting reinstalled

with infills and sealant