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2014-Jul-19 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing #18
I really had trouble getting started this morning.

I had been out on site on Friday afternoon to pick up the pepper tree prunings because storms were predicted for Saturday.

I didn't get up until 7.00 am (instead of my usual 5.00 am) so by the time I had breakfast and was ready to get going it was almost 8.00 am.

I decided I might as well make the trip to the green waste at the transfer station and empty out the back of the utility.

This was a good move as, at the end of the day, I was able to bring home many of the tools that we left out on site the previous week.

Any way - the net result was that I was not out on site until 9.00 am.

My main job today was to deal with the leaks introduced by inserting the frames to date.

Also I decided I would "bite the bullet" and remove some sections of gyprock that had to go in order to allow internal stud framing to be bolted down.

The leaks from the stud framing are gradually being stopped - I keep applying bituminous paint around the seals and most leaks are gone or much reduced.

However, there is a section over the kitchen where the removal of the sisalation from the tempoary roof is causing a small puddle to develop and drip through to the plaster.

The leak itself is minor but the presence of the gyprock and the layer of insulation batts is holding the moisture in place.

I decided that it was best to cut out some sections of the ceiling and allow it to drain properly rather than keep moisture in contact with the floor boards.

There was another section in the kitchen where I had fixed scrap pieces of gyprock in order to cover the stair well void.

There was not insulation here but I cleaned away this area as well.

That evening a severe storm rolled in and I was able to spot the leaks during a heavy downpour.

Any water can now drain away quickly and the fact that the area is now well ventilated will prevent any long term damage.

I finished at 7.00 pm, had a shower, watched Father Brown on television and headed home.

Gyprock sections removed