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2014-Jul-5 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing #17
Out on site at 7.00 am, finished working 7.30 pm.

A long day but a good day.

I managed to install the stud frame and reinstall the roof sheeting that I lifted in the process.

The first job was to slide the finished stud frame off the trailer and on to the roof ready for lifting.

Next I removed the necessary sheets and also removed the temporary roofing frames below them.

I clamped a length of timber at the outer edge to restrain the frame as it was lifted.

At this point I was unloading the winch up trollery and Ross walked by.

He told me to hang on for a moment and he would help me lift the frame together.

In my mind I calculated half the stud weight as 40 Kg and told Ross I didn't think I was strong enough to lift that amount.

Ross surprised me by stepping up and lifting the whole frame in to place on his own.

I immediately clamped it off.

He had just done in 5 seconds what usually takes me two hours on my own.

Many thanks Ross !.

It's a good thing that I managed to get ahead so quickly as it still took me to sundown to nail the frame to the previous one, bolt it down to the floor and reinstall the sheeting with cut outs to go around the studs.

I also installed the in fills around the stud cut outs.

There are quite of lot of leaks in to the kitchen area so even after darkness fell, I fired up the flood light and painted around the stud / roof interfaces with some 'bituminous" paint in an effort to stop them.

After that I had dinner, a shower and watched the new season of "Father Brown" before heading home

Latest frame nailed on and bolted down

Roof sheeting reinstalled, add the in fills