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2014-Jun-21 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing #15
Finally I achieved a full day's work.

After carrying all the timber down during the previous week I managed to dock it to usable lengths, remove any remaining nails and brush off any termite mud.

By Friday I had 18 stud length rough pieces and a large number of shorter offcuts.

I spent all of Sunday on the jointer planing and squaring up two of the surfaces.

During the coming week, on work breaks, I will finish off the fun part - putting the timbers through the thicknesser.

Then I will have to try to catch up with Tony M and get him to grade the stud pieces.

I now have a reasonable idea on how to evaluate a piece a dressed jarah but I would still like the advice of an expert.

The next set of stud framing will be 2 x 2.6 metre pieces (6 x 450 mm spacings, modified plus double up on the last stud for lining attachment at corners)

This means I will need 8 studs for each frame or 16 good studs all up.

At this stage I am not sure how many of the 18 stud lengths will pass the grade - so may need to have another milling session soon.

Docked lengths ready for milling

after using the jointer of two of the faces