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2014-May-24 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing #11
This week I have been suffering the side effects of the antibiotics I had to take for the throat infection.

Both Saturday and Sunday were cold, wet, and miserable.

Saturday morning I started to mark up the positions of the noggings for frame #3.

It rained, the mark washed away, I marked it up again, the rain washed it away.

If I have been feeling better I would have, of course, used my builder's pencil.

Instead, because I was feeling so crook I just gave up, went inside to the warmth of the house, and fell asleep in front of the television.

Over the next few days I gradually installed all the noggings and then the cross bracing.

What I have discovered is that the framing gun really struggles to push a nail through two layers of jarrah and I have now switched to predrilling and hand nailing the noggings.

All other nailing is ok with the gun as it is going through a pine plate before penetrating the jarrah.

Thursday is forecast to be a fine day - I am hoping to transport frames 2 and 3 out to site on that day and maybe erect them on the Saturday.


I did indeed manage to transport the frames out to site.

The frames are very heavy (80 Kg) but I managed to move them around without injury by sliding them down some pine timbers and attaching P trolleys with pneumatic tyres to roll them across the corrugations.

Caught up with my immediate neighbours Ian and Ross.

The winter creek is starting to fill after the recent rains.

Two frames loaded up on the trailer

and deposited out on site