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2014-May-3 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing #8
I had hopes of designing, measuring and cutting the timbers for the stairwell frame.

I was unable to complete this during work breaks by Saturday morning.

I still held to a fantasy that I could knock this over in a couple of hours, briefly visit site to pick up the trestles and nail guns and then put in a full day's work assembling the stud frames at home.

It was not to be.

Measuring and cutting all the timbers took me up to midday.

I permitted myself the luxury of changing back in to my polite clothes and having a coffee at Dome.

I managed to head off to site at 1.00 pm.

Almost immediately I met Ross from next door.

He had only just returned from Thailand a few hours earlier so he had a lot of interesting stories to tell me.

He helped me load my air compressor on to the back of my utility and also showed me how to drain any water out of it.

I then went on to load the stud frame horses on to the trailer.

After this I spent a couple of hours patching around the studs of the one and only frame to date.

I am slicing some corrugated iron in to small 200 mm lengths and then tek screwing them to the surrounding metal.

This then gives me a scaffold to apply copious quantities of silastic.

Let's hope it reduces the leaks.

I then headed home to do a lot of unloading.


I spent quite a few hours setting the horses up level and straight just behind the trailer.

The idea is to build the frames on the horses and then slide them over on to the trailer.

Stairwell frame preassembled before nailing

Improving water proofing around studs

Leveling off the horses