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2014-Apr-26 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing #7
Anzac Friday

I spent the day producing 4 studs.

A lot of work for little result - if I run out of jarrah I am definitely going to switch to structural pine.

I pulled out another layer of the scrappy jarrah stack.

Of 14 pieces I rejected 6 myself.

These have still not have been processed and will end up as noggings and short pieces.

Of the remaining 8 I spent the whole day brushing off termite mud, dressing two sides on the jointer and then producing the other two surfaces on the thicknesser.

By the time I finished it was 8.30 pm.

It was good to be under cover and to have a good light source.


This was slated to be the day when I installed the second stud.

However, the drought has finally broken and we ended up with a very wet weekend.

Also I did not quite have all the materials I needed to hand and some questions for Tony M before trenching out the plates.

I reworked the position of the roller table and the input roller support.

Tony M arrived at 3.00 pm for a consulting session and we covered some very productive ground.

We also ran through the 8 pieces I had produced and Tony rejected 4 of them.

This leaves me with just enough studs to create the second frame (4 left over previously).


I was up at 5.00 pm and out on site at 6.30 am.

The objective was to reinstall the ceiling insulation and plaster boards, then head home to dress up studs.

However, after the recent rain I could see too many leaks to make that feasible at this stage.

The leaks are not bad but would end up making the insulation soggy and just hold a lot of moisture in the ceiling space.

I will leave the panels off for the moment.

I have worked out a strategy to combat the leaks and will implement it over the next few weeks.

I headed home and worked towards preparing all the materials for the second frame.

I docked the rejected pieces removing the "shakes" to be firewood and the remainder to be short timbers.

I then precisely sized and docked the four good studs.

I spent half an hour working out the offsets along the plates and then marked them up.

There is a good bit of excess on these 3m lengths so I was able to practice the depth and squareness produced by the dado blade on the radial arm saw.

These are currently half painted with the external wood paint and will be finished over the next few days.

I am hoping the prepare all the timbers for the third frame - this is a smaller, 2 m, frame for the stairwell and has a window aperture.

I will be hard pressed to ready this during the week but I am contemplating assembling two studs next Saturday and installing them on the following week.

I have decided that there is not enough time to dismantle a section of roof, build a frame, install the frame and reinstate the roof all in one day.

So the plan is to assemble stud frames one weekend and install two at a time the following weekend.

Fine weather is forecast for next Saturday at this stage - so we will see.