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2014-Mar-27 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing #3
Pretty much like last weekend.

I am still building a stockpile of jarrah studs that I can show to Tony and have him sort them in to usable and noggings material.

During the week I worked through the next layer in the raw wood pile.

These were all covered in termite "mud" and surface nibbling.

To avoid blunting the planer blades I need to remove all traces of this.

I used a rotary wire brush on an angle grinder, a hand brush and a small brush to clean these up and built up an input pile to be used on Saturday.

Once again I made a slow start working at home.

Rain was threatening so my first task was to head down to Bunnings to buy a tarpaulin.

I set this up so that it was in position, ready to be pulled over the planer/thicknesser and the dust extractor in seconds if any rain started.

I used it several times during the day. Just as the day was ending, light rain set in and I was not even able to move all the machinery in to storage.

When Linda arrived home I needed her help. We had to head up to the workshop in the dark and Linda held the tarpaulin up over our heads as I retrieved the various bits of equipment and pulled them inside.

By the end of Saturday I had used the jointer to produce two square sides on the every piece in the "input" pile.

I had just started to thickness the third face when the rain started at the end of the day.

By Sunday morning the rain had almost stopped and I was able to finish the third face on all pieces and the fourth face on all but four of the pieces.

I needed to pack up at this point as we had arranged to meet some visitors from Canberra for lunch.

Hopefully during my odd moments this week I can finish off the four remaining pieces.

I then wish to trim one end of all long pieces done to date and mark up the cut position for the other end.

I am meeting the structural engineer on Wednesday out on site so I will take these pieces with me and get his opinion on which are usable and which should be used for noggings.

I am also hoping to work through the next layer in the rough timber pile and clean up each piece ready for milling.

The good news is that all signs of the termite surface nibbling has been removed during the milling process.

Timber milled by end of Sunday