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2014-Mar-15 - Wooroloo - Stud Framing #1
I had intended to head out early to install the hand rail for the steps.

Instead I made a late start and just visited the site to pick up bolts, screws and nails for setting up the jointer / thicknesser.

I had played around with some short pieces of timber and learned the skills to mill an easy length.

However, as soon as I looked at gauging anything around 3 metres I realised that I would need a roller table on the outfeed side.

I already had a roller table with 8 rollers that I had bought from Tony M.

What I needed to do was set it up with some adjustable legs.

I spent most of the day cutting up and bolting on dexion angle iron.

I set up the legs so that one half could be slid up and down and be rebolted to achieve a rough positioning with another 30 mm adjustment on the nylon feet.

This worked surprisingly well and I was able to dress a very warped and twisted piece of jarrah to a perfectly straight length.

The only problem is that I need to gauge my 100 x 50 mm timber down to 95 x 45 and this piece ended up at 90 x 40 by the time I had planed out all the problems.

It was the roughest piece out of the entire stack so I will need to work on some strategies to clean up the timber but maintain the dimensions I need.


Linda was off to a special yoga class lesson today which means I am free to play with big boy toys.

I experimented with a few more pieces concentrating on cleaning the first two surfaces just enough to achieve squareness but still keeping 95 x 45 mm.

Where the bows have been planed off I still expect to see the materials to briefly dip below 95 x 45 but I will ask Tony M if these are still usable (or could be cut up for noggings).

Running timber through the thicknesser

Typical rough timber

Dressed timber