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2014-Mar-8 - Wooroloo - Working Platform #13
I woke up at 4.30 am so I decided to get up and make an early start.

Consequently, I was all ready to roll at exactly 7.00 am with all my tools laid out and to hand.

On Friday I had installed the last 4 beam clamps along the back of the veranda and inserted some 3.3m long scaffolding pipes.

These still needed to be fixed together by drilling pilot holes and pushing in some large gauge hex screws.

After doing this I then needed to slide the bottom clamp up the columns to yield a support scaffold tube at 1 metre above the veranda cladding.

This involved some amount of running up and down the steps to set up the measurement and then driving a large hex screw through the face of the beam clamps and the supporting column.

On Friday I had transported out a 5 metre length of pipe plus some shorter pieces.

The 5 metre length needed trimming to be fitted as a safety rail and other sections needed some butt welding and trimming before they could be installed.

I also created a diagonal brace for the very front most column that could only be clamped at a single point.

In all - 4 sets of butt welding.

By 11.00 am I had finished the safety rail.

I could have continued on for another few hours to install the handrail for the steel steps but this area was in full sun.

I decided to pack up and head home while I still had some energy to work on the slabs outside my workshop.

I installed another 4 slabs here including one that needed trimming with a diamond blade in order to fit around the tap.

I decided that I could fit in another two slabs - this would give me even more length for setting up machines and also enable a route to move machines on to the front garage apron.

On Sunday after breakfast we headed out to Wooroloo and picked up another four slabs.

I installed these in the afternoon after the worst of the sun had moved out of this area.

I also rehung the workshop door as it was set too low and not able to fully open without jamming on the existing slabs.

Now it can be opened through 180 degrees and parked out of the way.

A successful weekend.

Next Saturday I hope to install the stair case hand rail but mainly work from home practicing using the thickness / jointer.

Vertical scaffold tubes clamped to columns

Safety rail completed by the end of the day

Front vertical scaffold diagonally braced

Back veranda safety rail

The working surface outside the workshop

By the end of Sunday