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2014-Feb-22 - Wooroloo - Working Platform #11
I was up at 6.00 am, didn't have to pack any tools or food and managed to zip out to site by 7.00 am.

All I did was load up 7 slabs to take home.

These are being used to tidy up the paved area immediately outside my workshop to give me a working surface for the thickness / jointer.

Once home I spent a couple of hours cleaning up outside the workshop (putting away rubbish, removing leaves).

By now I was working in direct sun on a hot summer's day so I switched attention to the 75 mm beam clamps.

During the week I had been completing the construction of these - cutting 75 x 100 x 10 mm packers and welding them in position. I had just 5 more out of 22 to complete and then I gave them all a coating of metal primer.

I still need to cut and prime 22 more of the packers to use on the other jaw face in the clamps.

I will attempt to knock these over on Sunday.

Probably on Monday, during work breaks, I will paint everything with enamel top coat.

This will need at least a week to harden so that I can use contact adhesive to assemble the clamp components together with some thing rubber matting.

The rubber will hold the pieces in approximate position and protect the surface of the columns when I clamp on to them.

By around 5.00 pm the area outside the workshop was cool enough to continue with the slab laying and I worked up until dark doing this (about 7.00 pm)

I still have another 4 slabs to go - again something to do during the week when having a break from work.

I have to admit - I was a bit slack with the slab laying. To do a perfect job I should have lift the existing slabs and screeded the whole area.

Instead I installed slab by slab. It makes a little bit of sense because I am using recycled slabs with varying thicknesses and each one really needs to be custom installed.

In another week or two I should be able to start using the thicknesser on my recycled jarrah for the stud framing.

Slabs brought back from site

75 mm beam clamps - welding completed

After priming

Slabbed area before

and after