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2014-Jan-18 - Wooroloo - Home Maintenance #10
With 56 homes lost to bushfire nearby during the week I thought I should stay home and reduce any fuel load where possible.

Between the Wwoofers and myself we have probably already put in 50 hours this season removing leaves and dropped foliage, sweeping up and cleaning the gutters.

Unfortunately, with the amount of leaves constantly falling, its looks just as bad as the day we started.

I spent the weekend raking, sweeping, blowing and carrying loads to the green waste.

We also removed three trees near our power line and two trees leaning over the house on the Northern side.

Everyone else had the same idea on Saturday.

I was at the transfer station just after opening time where I experienced a tailback of 20 cars to just get in the main gate.

I heard that during the morning the waiting time reached 60 minutes.

I am hoping to get out to work on the Wooroloo house on Tuesday if I can knock over any pressing issues that my clients have on Monday.