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2014-Jan-11 - Wooroloo - Working Platform #5
44 degrees forecast for Saturday so I decided to head out at 4.00 pm Friday, do as much work as I could that evening and start again in the early morning on Saturday.

During the week I had scoured our home property looking for rough corrugated iron sheeting.

I was surprised by how successful I was.

I loaded up the trailer with the intention of unloading first thing on Friday evening.

My plans were upset, in a fortunate kind of way, by Ian telling me that some near neighbours (John and Sue) had some 42 and 48 mm steel pipe they were throwing out.

All my evening went on this endeavour - the bonus being an extra supply of scaffolding tube, a cold beer and a good chat with John.

After getting back to my building site and having an evening meal I spent the next few hours sorting and unloading the pipe before turning in to sleep.

The next morning I was up at 6.00 am and spent an hour unhitching the trailer, moving the utility next to the green waste pile, loading it up and rehitching the trailer.

I then spent another hour looking around for anywhere I had covered a pile of materials with rough old corrugated iron.

I swapped these sheets out for "roofing quality" pieces so that the rough pieces could be used for the working platform.

It was about 9.00 am by now and already the heat from the sun felt sharp.

I managed to work up on the roof until the heat drove me in at 11.30

I finished off the section from last week - a few sheets needed trimming or retrimming on the diagonal.

Because it was a total fire ban day I made sure that I only used a nibbler tool for cutting the corrugated iron.

I brought the sheeting inside the building to cut it.

The nibbler gave a clean, quiet cut with absolutely no hot metal or sparks.

Most of the rest of the day went on some internal work on the house.

I came outside at 4.00 pm, 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm to test the temperature.

It was too hot still to work outside.

In the morning I had laid out a number of sheets with placement only, no fixing.

To avoid completing this work I merely laid 8 large brick on top of the loose metal and left fixing until next week.

Corner diagonal completed

Placement of sheets for next area