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2014-Jan-4 - Wooroloo - Working Platform #4
I couldn't get myself out of bed at 5.00 am and consequently started an hour later than usual. I worked up to 6.00 pm

I am attempting to clad the veranda areas using corrugated iron rather than install the final decking at this stage.

The veranda will be exposed to the elements for the next four years and probably will also suffer the odd dropped hammer and steel beam.

I am hoping to find enough rough corrugated iron to deck right out to the edge - this makes it easier to install the safety rail and also gives me a convenient work area for assembling stud frames.

Today I started on the front section using the stock of sheeting that I brought out several weeks ago.

Once completed I will paint the sheeting "Woodlands Grey" and add a grit to the paint so the sufaces are not slippery.

It was pretty hot going even for a mild day.

I did not quite finish the front section - probably an hour to go in cutting the diagonal edge more accurately and screwing down any flapping edges.

I have already used up the majority of my 'rough' corrugated iron just on the front section.

Front veranda by the end of the day