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2014-Jan-2 - Wooroloo - Yard #19
As I was having another week off and fitting in an extra day's work - I decided that I had the luxury of performing some yard cleaning.

On Thursday I was up at 5.00 am and out on site by 7.00 am.

First I relocated the television anntena - this was in the way of any stud work at Ian's corner.

I had intended to run the cable in through the ceiling so that I could stop scraping it with the back door.

To this end I lifted one of the roofing sheets.

Then I realised that I was having a brain fart - I was looking at floorboards - I will do this later on , but when I have removed a plaster ceiling panel below.

Moving the antenna was a precarious venture - a delicate aluminium structure on the end of a heavy 6 metre pole but I managed it without mishap.

Next I removed all the angle iron pieces that were holding the temporary gutter in place.

These are no longer needed as one plank run on the scaffolding is supporting the gutter instead.

Also there were a lot of iron sheets and timber littering the temporary roof - I brought all this down to ground level and stored it away.

There were a lot of pine needles on the roof so I swept these up and stored them in a couple of plastic garbage bags in preparation to taking to the green waste at the transfer station.

I have gradually been working towards removing the wood pile so the back corner of the block is freed up for processing the quarry dust.

So far the Woofers have done all the work - today it was my turn to do the last bit of tidying up.

By now we are down to just tiddly bits of wood, short lengths of bamboo and lots of twiggy kindling.

I filled the back of the utility with usable fire wood and the rest was sorted in to a pile of green waste and bark / fine chips to go on a compost file.

This was very time consuming and took me up to 5 pm.

I had dinner and a shower and left at 6 pm.

The next morning at home I bagged up the firewood in to various categories and dragged it in to the wood shed.

This coming Saturday I am hoping to clad the verandas with corrugated iron to create working platforms.

Picture showing absence of fire wood pile

Green waste needs to go to transfer station