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2022-Apr-2 - Wooroloo - Front and Back Doors #3

The central back doors have now been completely painted.

I had intended to install them in a couple of minutes.

However, I had forgotten that I needed to remove the masking tape and clean up any paint bleed.

This took me over an hour.

After this, it took me half an hour to place and secure the doors in to the door frame.

They are not hinged yet - I am waiting on Peter for this.

Next I installed the second sheet of gyprock in to the pantry area - ready for the electricians next Tuesday.

Finally I started preparing the sashes for the stairwell window.

The glazing putty is still very soft (about the consistency of congealed gravey) and this made removing and cleaning up the paint masking a very demanding and time consuming process.

I was about halfway through installing the brackets for the spiral springs when I needed to stop for the day.


I continued installing the brackets on the sashes and then installed the sashes in to the window frame.

This is quite a time consuming job - outer staff bead, inner staff bead, spiral springs, sash lock - and took me up to early afternoon.

After coffee with Jim and Sandy and then a bit of a nap - I returned to a task from over a year ago.

This was to mitigate the harsh rebates in the cladding around the back doors.

I used a multi-tool in sanding mode to smooth out the ugly rebates that I had made in the WeatherTex cladding boards in order to accommodate the architraves.

I managed to apply a coat of primer as the light faded.

Finally - I examined the dual barrel deadlocks that I need to install in the back doors.

I needed to remind myself how all this goes together.

I took detailed measurements of the door widths and rebates - I plan to create some practice pieces during the week to allow me to improve my rebating skills befor tacking the real doors.


I needed to be on site for the electrician to install my sub board.

While I hung around I applied top coat where I had sanded back the cladding near the architraves.

After that I worked on cleaning away the gaffer tape adhesive around the kitchen window.

Next I cut the stairwell window architraves to length and coated the raw ends with oil based primer.

Finally I work on cleaning away gaffer tape adhesive around the stairwell window.

By the end of the day I had my sub board installed and working - it is a relief to no longer need to drag extension leads up from the ground level.

Second sheet of gyprock up in pantry

Stairwell sashes installed

Sub board installed on Tuesday