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2013-Dec-7 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #106
I was up at 5.00 am and out on site at 7.00 am.

I finished up for the day at 7.30 pm.

I spent another two hours rubbing back the last of the rough painting and applying primer.

Then up on to a small board high above the ground on the garage side of the veranda applying the top enamel coat to two more purlins.

Finally I painted two more, easy to reach, purlins on the garage side and then back to the top coat of the previously rough painting.

Last off all I rebolted the purlins I undid last week to allow me to enamel the cleats.

At last the entire veranda is installed, precise and pristine. It's taken me two years but now the job is done

The next task on the list is to cover it with corrugated iron to act as a temporary working surface.(I don't want to install the jarrah decking at this stage as it will be subject to too much damage and weathering during the construction work)

However, I wanted the town of Wooroloo to view my perfect, beautiful, steel work for a week before I go and cover it up with a patchwork of scrappy old sheeting.

So instead I put my time in to dismantling the scaffolding in preparation to moving it to the side wall.

This took the rest of the day right up to 7.30 pm. ( I also offloaded the scrappy corrugated iron off my trailer).

Beautiful finished veranda

Scaffolding partly dismantled

All down