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2013-Nov-9 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #102
Some of the purlins had some white oxidation or even a tiny bit of rust.

In some cases the white oxide could be buffed back with some fine sandpaper.

In other cases it needed a primer and top coat.

Adrian and Tim spent most of the day working on this and then took another load of timber home.

Many thanks guys.

I needed to install 5 more purlins on the diagonal.

I used a production line process on this - measure all 5, cut all 5, mark holes all 5, drill all 5, bolt all 5 and managed to finish at about 4.00 pm.

I then built a temporary timber harness to use to eliminate a 4 mm bow across the large doorway U beam.

Ross popped in to visit and told me that this beam was much more rigid than the PFC 150s that I had previously straightened and not to worry about it.

I spent some time, using a gauge, to measure up the length of 7 purlins still needing to be installed on this large steel and then packed up while Tim and Adrian were moving the firewood to Mundaring.

I am fairly optomistic that I can install the 7 purlins next week and then there are another 5 to install around other places.

Maybe I will have the veranda finished in another two weeks.

Treating the purlins

Progress on installation by end of the day