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2013-Nov-2 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #101
Once again Adrian and Tim did a huge amount of essential work on site.

Adrian completed washing down the muddy purlins (another 13 I think) and Tim painted most of the steel superstructure with the enamel top coat (a very long, detailed job)

After this they did two trips back home carrying the firewood pile away (bringing the earthworks on the quarry dust one step closer).

They then did a whole lot of tidying up jobs including removing the bark from the last of the wood pile and heaping up all the organic material that had been piled up.

So many thanks guys for saving me being sidetracked from my main work for another two weekends.

As for myself - the installation of diagonal purlins continued at a painfully slow pace.

All up I completed another four.

Each purlin needs to be custom measured and cut - so very time consuming.

Adrian and the cleaned purlins

Tim and the superstructure painting

Tidying up the wood pile after taking 2 loads home

Four more purlins installed