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2013-Oct-26 - Wooroloo - Steelworks #100
Adrian and Tim did a fantastic amount of work today.

Adrian knocked down all the wild oats and wild barley with the brushcutter and lawnmower and then went on to wash down most of the dirty purlins.

Tim mulched up all the bamboo using the very frustrating Rover electric mulcher and then went on to paint most of the back veranda.

A huge effort. Many thanks guys.

I had hoped to install all the purlins in the diagonal area.

However, the first one took me about 3 hours.

After that I could create various templates to speed up the process but I still only installed 4 by the end of the day.

Tim mulching up bamboo and branches

Adrian brushcutting

Adrian washing down purlins

Tim painting the veranda

Four purlins installed in the diagonal area